College Savings!

It’s time to talk savings for College Students. Most (if not all) military dependents, should be used to flashing their military dependent I.D. Card, now you need to get in the habit of not only flashing your College student I.D. Card, but also asking every retailer you visit if they offer a college student discount!

I’m going to share some money saving tips and a few sites that offer discounts to college students.

Money Saving Tips:
1. Shop in Clearance Sections – (Dollar General, Walgreen’s and Walmart have the best clearance sections)
2. Check for coupon codes when shopping online.
3. Stock up on discounted school supplies in September for the next semester.

Text Books:
Please visit for a short detailed list of money saving sites to purchase text books.

Restaurants: Please check to make sure locations near you are participating! Most not all will offer at least a 10% discount or free drinks.
1. Subway
2. Burger King
3. Chick-Fil-A
4. Firehouse Subs
5. Waffle House
6. Dairy Queen
7. Chipotle
8. Arby’s
9. McDonalds
10. Pizza Hut
*Check at ALL restaurants you visit*

Grocery Stores:
1. Kroger – may offer a 5% discount
2. Winn-Dixie – may offer a 10% discount

1. Greyhound
2. Amtrak

1. Sally’s Beauty Supply
2. Geico
3. State Farm
4. Allstate
5. FedEx
6. Sprint
7. T-Mobile
8. Jiffy Lube

This list is not all inclusive, I’m pretty certain there are many more places and sites that offer discounts to college students, you just have to get in the habit of asking.

Congrats and Best Wishes to all of the college students this semester! I hope these tips help to ease the financial burden a little.

If you have any questions about coupons or coupon groups, you can find me at:
Periscope/Twitter: @QponQween
Instagram: @QponQween

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Still NOT Using Coupons…

I continue to hear these two comments from quite a few people.

“I can’t use coupons like you” and “I can’t find coupons”.
My response to the first comment is, yes you can! We all have favorite stores that we like to shop at. The next time you’re out shopping at your favorite store, visit the customer service counter and ask for a copy of their coupon policy. Follow that stores policy and you’ll be a coupon expert in record time.

My response to the second comment is to start shopping at stores that already have coupons, a rewards program or instant savings. There are options for shoppers that don’t already have coupons available.

Publix – will always have a minimum of two store flyers available. A green flyer with coupons for food items and a purple flyer for non food items. If you happen to have your own manufacturer coupons, stack those coupons with the coupons in the flyer. I just purchased 4 containers of fresh cut fruit and 4 bottles of juice. The price before coupons was $13.85, Publix had $2.00 off coupons in their green flyer, so I used 4 of those coupons, saved $8.00 and only paid $5.85 for 8 items. Visit their website and checkout their coupon policy.

Military Commissary – the commissary does not have store coupons. They are all manufacturer coupons. They still have coupons located inside of the store available on a daily basis. Visit their website and checkout their coupon policy.

Target – this mass merchandiser has several options available to start saving immediately.
1. Gift Cards – purchase advertised items and receive a gif card. The gift card can then be used to offset the cost of another purchase. Do separate transactions to maximize your savings.
2. Cartwheel app – download the app and check for items that you need, when checking out, show the barcode on the app to the cashier, the cashier will scan and the discount will be applied to your purchase.
3. Bags – bring your own bags and receive a discount.
4. Red Card – get a Target Debit card and receive a discount each time you use it.
5. Visit their website for store coupons.
6. Check their weekly ads for coupons located in their flyer. Target does not have flyers in their stores, you would have to purchase a paper on Sunday to physically see their flyer.
7. Visit their website and checkout their coupon policy.

Walgreen’s – this store has coupons inside of their flyers, a monthly coupon booklet located next to their flyers, coupon booklets located in different sections of their store. Check the following aisles, diabetes, baby, vitamins and feminine. Don’t forget to signup for a Balance Rewards card with the cashier! Visit their website and checkout their coupon policy.

Dollar General – this store has a coupon app, you can receive text alerts, coupons also print on the bottom of their receipts. Visit their website for printable coupons and also to checkout their coupon policy.

Don’t leave any store without checking their clearance sections. That’s one of the best tips I can give to maximize your savings. Coupons can be utilized on clearance items.

If you have any questions about coupons or coupon groups, you can find me at:

Periscope/Twitter: @QponQween
Instagram: @QponQween

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Back To School – Tax Free Weekend


The Tax Free weekend started yesterday, Friday August 5, 2016 and runs through Sunday August 7, 2016!

Florida state officials recently voted to cut allowances on clothing, shoes, computers, and dates for the Florida 2016 Sales Tax Holiday. We have to make the most out of what has been given to us, so here are the details.

CLOTHING: Up to $60 each. Florida legislators were a little more generous than years past. Garments and accessories are tax free up to $60 each. In 2013, the exemption stopped at $75 per piece.

SHOES: Up to $60 per pair. Shoes are eligible for the tax exemption. As with clothing, however, only footwear costing less than $60 per pair will ring up tax-free.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Up to $15 each

Sales tax will not be charged on items such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and glue. The state set a price limit of $15 per item for this category, but left off items such as staplers and computer paper.

Personal computers and computer accessories are no longer subject to Florida Sales Tax Holiday.


All books, besides the Bible, are still taxable during the Florida Sales Tax Holiday 2016.

But not all are participating.

For a full list of tax exempt items, please visit:

Teachers and college students, start taking your respective ID cards with you, when shopping and check for discounts at all stores when shopping.
If you’re shopping online take advantage of Free Shipping options and site to store discounts.

August Sales Cycle:

Canned Fruit
Cheese Slices
Cleaning Wipes
Fruit Snacks
Granola Bars
Hand Sanitizer
Juice Boxes
Pudding and Jello Cups
Ready-Made Snacks
School Supplies
Green Beans
Summer Squash
Retailers will start putting out Halloween items this month, check clearance items and aisles for heavy discounts on summer related items. Camping supplies, outdoor furniture, BBQ and grilling items, water toys and insect repellant.

If you have any questions about coupons or coupon groups, you can find me at:

Periscope/Twitter: @QponQween
Instagram: @QponQween

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Almost time for school!


The first day of school is only three weeks away, that means it’s time to start shopping for school supplies, clothes and other necessities. There are some stores that parents can shop at, to get the most for their money this school year.

If you have a smart phone, IPad or tablet, download the app. This app literally has hundreds of coupons that you can scroll through and print directly from your device to use at stores. It’s very user friendly.

I’m going to list a few stores that will help you save the most money on your school shopping needs.

Dollar General – there is a Dollar General app that can be downloaded and they have coupons that can be used, or you can text SIGNUP to 34898 and receive deal alerts from them. Don’t forget to check their clearance aisles/sections.

Office Depot and Office Max – check their clearance sections for supplies and their sales ads for deals on school supplies. Notebook paper, Ink pens, glue and folders.

Target – Target is my favorite Mass Merchandiser store, because they have store coupons, their Cartwheel app and the red card. Manufacturer coupons can also be combined with Targets discounts.

Walgreen’s – use your Balance Reward points and Register Rewards to purchase school supplies. Check their sales ad for coupons that can be used on pens, pencils, back packs and other necessities.

Take advantage of Rebate Apps. I recommend Ibotta and Checkout 51! They are both user friendly. Scroll through and see if there are items listed that you need to purchase, after your purchase take a picture of your receipt and submit for your rebates. A minimum $20.00 threshold has to be met.

Coupons do come out for ink pens, papers, binders, printer cartridges, lunch boxes and storage containers. If you don’t have paper coupons, check the app.

If you have any questions about coupons or coupon groups, you can find me at:

Periscope/Twitter: @QponQween
Instagram: @QponQween

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