Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Last-minute shoppers can stay out of the doghouse with Valentine’s Day favorites at a great price, at Winn-Dixie. Here are some last minute ideas:
· Premium dozen roses: $15

· Valentine’s Day balloons (18 inch mylar): 3 for $10

· Korbel Champagne (750 ml): $10

· 10 different wines for under $11

· 12 count mini cupcakes: $3

· 7 inch Triple Layer Chocolate Cake: $7

· Whitman’s or Russell Stover chocolates: BOGO $9.99

If you’re interested in making a romantic dinner at home, you can pick up a recipe card for Chef Curtis Stone’s delicious Lobster Fettuccine with cold water lobster tail (3 oz), only $5 each!
You can get all this and more at your neighborhood Winn-Dixie for easy one-stop shopping that your significant other AND budget will love.


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If Not Now…When?


Like the title says…”If Not Now…When?” That one little quote could cover a multitude of things, for me it pertains to utilizing coupons effectively to keep extra money in your pockets!

I wish I could put a number on how many times I hear the following comments when I’m out shopping:

~I wish I could do that!
~Coupons take too much time!
~That’s too much work!
~can you just shop for me?
~I’m too busy, maybe when I have more time!

This is what I have to say to the above comments:

1. Stop wishing! If I can do it…so can YOU!
2. Coupons take too much time as opposed to what? How long do you really think it takes to print/clip a coupon?
3. Saving money is too much work? Since when?
4. Can I just shop for you? NO I CAN’T!
5. We make time to do things that are important to us.

With 20+ years of coupon experience under my belt…I really do want to know the answer to ” If not now…When?” What will it take for people that are going to work every day that are still struggling to make ends meet take advantage of the tools that are placed in front of them? When will people take the time to learn that there’s a difference between STOCKPILING & HOARDING and that stockpiling actually keeps more money in your pocket, which can be used to pay bills!


If you are reading this…let your answer be NOW!

Vonda – Qpon Qween
Remember to be kind to cashiers and have fun couponing!

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Check Out the Down-Down at Winn-Dixie!



A big KUDOS to Winn-Dixie for listening to their customers and taking their prices to a whole new level! A low level…called the Down Down!

Winn-Dixie is dropping prices by up to 50 percent on over 400 commonly purchased products, including bread, chicken, fresh produce, dairy, meat, dry, frozen and home goods. Check out some of their new LOW prices!


‧ Sanderson Farms Whole Chicken was $1.49/lb, now $1.00/lb

‧ Sanderson Farms Chicken Breast was $4.00/lb, now $2.50/lb

‧ Winn-Dixie Sliced White/Wheat Bread (1 loaf) was $1.99, now $1

‧ Winn-Dixe Granulated Sugar (4lb) was $2.35, now $2.00

‧ Winn-Dixie Shredded Sharp Cheddar (8oz) was $3.59, now $2.50

‧ Winn-Dixie Crinkle Cut French Fries (8oz) was $2.99, now $2.00

Get to Winn-Dixie and start maximizing your savings and keeping extra cash in your wallet! This is really incredible…$1.00 for a loaf of bread! I’m SOLD! Let me know when you do the Down Down! Take some pics and tag me @QponQween

Remember to be kind to cashiers and Have fun doing the Down Down at Winn-Dixie!


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Another 2016 Best…From Winn-Dixie!


So most of you already know that my theme for 2016 is “The Best”, I plan to share the best deals, stores, coupons, shopping trips, coupon classes and everything that I find with all of you!

Today I ran to Winn-Dixie, not to do a shopping trip, I only planned to get the bread. Of course I can never walk into any store and not check for clearance items and markdowns and this is what I found! I hit the freaking jackpot y’all!

Any time you can walk into a grocery store an buy ALL food items (to include meats)for under $20.00…I consider that a MAJOR SCORE! I did it for under $15.00! I purchased 16 items and paid $14.78 OOP! That’s less than $1.00 per item! The Hillshire Farms Smoked Beef Sausage Links were NOT marked down, Winn-Dixie has them priced at $2.00 this week! Crazy right?!? There is no other store that has Hillshire Farm Sausage priced that low! The Springer Mountain Farms chicken…marked down to less than $1.50 a pack! Thank you very much…I’ll take it!

So the moral here is…NEVER leave a store without quickly checking for markdowns and clearance prices…ESPECIALLY in the meat and deli sections of the store! If Winn-Dixie isn’t already on your shopping list, please add them! I’m telling you, this is The Best store for well rounded grocery shopping trips in 2016!

Vonda, don’t forget to follow me on Periscope, Twitter and IG – @QponQween
Remember to be kind to cashiers and have fun couponing!

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